Saturday, June 6, 2009

Safe and Sound!

We have arrived in Campulung safe and sound! We have very limited access to phones and internet. We have met the pastor and many others in the community. We are looking forward to an awesome Romanian worship experience in the morning. More to come later, we are off to dinner with our new friends.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Daily Prayer Guide...

Below is a daily prayer guide of the major planned events. But as you know, sometimes we make plans, then God has his own plan and diverts us or adds an unexpected blessing. We are anticipating God to do many wonderful things in and through us. Our primary goal is to be flexible and see where God is at work and join Him there! We covet your paryers daily and ask that you pray intentionally and specifically for our ministry, our travels, and each individual team member.

Richey and I got word a couple weeks ago that the Romanian pastor wasn't sure he wanted us to teach the marriage workshop. That was discouraging news, but we are prepared to do it, if plans change. Pray that God's hand will be in this. He may have other plans for us to minister in other ways. We are still involved in all of the other ministries. On that note I will say goodbye, as we have to be at the airport in one hour...

Day 1: Friday, June 5
  • Land in Romania & drive to Campulung
  • Get to apartments & unpack
  • Meet Pastor & others

Day 2: Saturday, June 6

  • Meet church members & friends
  • Hospital outreach
  • Buy groceries for needy
  • Dinner with Romanians
  • Planning mtg. for Sunday & Monday
  • (Blythe's Birthday...Romanian style)

Day 3: Sunday, June 7

  • Church- Pastor Randy will preach & team testimonies
  • Lunch with Romanian Pastor & other friends
  • Package groceries for needy
  • Evangelism
  • Planing for Tuesday

Day 4: Monday, June 8

  • Bible Club
  • build playground for church
  • playground fence
  • distribute flyers for outdoor revival
  • (Hannah's birthday)

Day 5: Tuesday, June 9

  • build church playground
  • take groceries to needy families
  • revival in Grui

Day 6: Wednesday, June 10

  • Tourism Day
  • Trip to Transalvania Mtns. & Castle tour
  • shopping in Brashov
  • spend night at Castle hotel in Sinai

Day 7: Thursday, June 11

  • Mtns. & Castle
  • travel back to Campulung

Day 8: Friday, June 12

  • Ministry at Orphanage
  • shop for elderly home repair supplies

Day 9: Saturday, June 13

  • repair elderly homes
  • Kids Bible Club in Grui
  • Goodbye night with Romanian friends, music & testimonies

Day 10: Sunday, June 14

  • Church- Sunday school for kids, music & testimonies, Randy preaching
  • Picnic with the Church
  • pack to leave
  • Otto's travel to Bucharest

Day 11: Monday, June 15

  • depart for Bucharest
  • long flight home (see flight itenerary in blog below)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flight Itenerary

Please pray for our flights. We are very excited as the departure time nears, however, flying can always be stressful and a great source of anxiety. We covet your prayers for the safety of our flight, peaceful and easy check-in as well as terminal changes, luggage arrival, overall comfort and moving through Customs with ease! Thank for your faithfullnes!

Thursday, June 4th
Depart Charleston @ 1:55pm on Delta #6424, arrive in Atlanta @ 3:10pm
Depart Atlanta @ 6:15pm on Delta #8517, arrive in Paris-Degaul @ 8:35am
Friday, June 5th
Depart Paris-Degaul @ 10:25am on Delta #8536, arrive in Bucharest @ 2:15pm

Monday, June 15th
Depart Bucharest @ 12:20pm on Delta #135, arrive in NYC-Kennedy @ 4:05pm
Depart NYC-Kennedy @ 6:55pm on Delta #1263, arrive in Atlanta @ 9:55pm
Depart Atlanta @ 10:50pm on Delta #1930, arrive in Charleston @ 11:56pm

I ask you to pray over each leg of our flight, specifically by flight number. Remember to lift up each team member, by name, also. God hears the prayers of His people. We will also be praying for each of you that have committed to support us with your prayers and gifts. I am anticipating great things as God moves in and through our team to accomplish His purpose.

To God be the glory for the things He has done,

Saturday, May 30, 2009


As the trip gets closer I am getting more nervous. I have about five more days. I am hoping that next week will fly by. I am running around the house organizing a backpack that I am taking on the plane. Tomorrow I am going to lay out all the stuff I am bringing.

I am real excited about teaching the orphans about Jesus. Hannah and I will make a lot of friends in Romania. I am also getting stuff together to give to the orphans that I meet. Please pray for me.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Art of Packing!

As I sit staring at six empty suitcases, I am overwhelmed with the thought of packing to travel overseas. Our team is meeting Monday night to distribute and pack supplies in our "already packed" suitcases. I know Tuesday morning I will be glad to be packed up early and ready to go, but at the moment it seems rather daunting to be able to get all our clothes, shoes, personals, etc. tucked neatly into those six empty suitcase by Monday.

However, the task of packing doesn't stop with Monday night... I still have to pack up the three Boyd kiddos that will be staying with their "Boop" while we are gone. That wouldn't be so bad, if Riley (my busy 3 yr. old) wasn't trying to help me by "packing" her every belonging in every bag, purse, & backpack she can get her little hands on. So, I just smile at her and thank her for helping mommy pack then I undo her "packing" after she has gone to bed for the night. So far she hasn't questioned why her packed bags are empty each morning, she just starts her task of packing all over again. Gotta love it!

Please continue to pray for us as we tie up loose ends and make all the final preperations for the trip!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meet the Team...

For your praying purposes, we are listing the team members who are going to Romania:

Terry McKelvey
Stephani McKelvey
Erika McKelvey
Randy Disharoon
Zack Disharoon (youth)
Andrew England (youth)
Matt Frazier
Christina Bolin (soon to be Mrs. Frazier)
Andrew Haslip
Sarah Haslip
Carl Otto
Karen Otto
Hannah Otto (youth)
Becky Whirley
Richey Boyd
Shannon Boyd
Blythe Boyd (youth)
Tom Varno

Please pray for each of us, by name, as we prepare for the trip and as we GO!

Friday, May 8, 2009


We had to get our vaccinations today. I had to get a typhoid shot. If I could swallow pills I could have escaped the needle, but I can't. I didn't feel it that much until they pulled the neddle out. The neddle was not that long. My mom distracted me by talking about the PASS test while thr nurse injected the shot and I held my dads hand. My leg was sore all day. I had to be carefull walking because it hurt to put pressure on it. But in the end the shot was worth it.

My mom got two shots, Hep. A and tetnus. Dad didn't have to get any. He has had vaccinations before for mission trips. Both of them are having to take the Typhoid pills for a week. Mom is as big a baby about shots than anyone. She was glad the Tyfiod could be taken as a pill. That meant one less shot for her. Yeah!

-Blythe Boyd